2017 in review

• Played around in the dirt with an excavator

• Tried sensory deprivation tanks

• Rebuilt fermenters at Cleophus Quealy brewery

• Watched the new Twin Peaks

• Our kayak nearly got toppled by a whale and her baby

• Got retweeted by @georgehtakei

• Many nights in the hot tub with a dram of something delicious

• Survived an FDA inspection

• Ran around drunk in bridal dresses

• Only set the pinball table on fire once

• Quit my job, and became a consultant and went back to school full-time

• Learned how to make chocolate from scratch (starting with roasting the raw beans)

• My cactus shot up a 30-foot stalk and then died

• Played with adorable home robots

• Took Mum to see Book of Mormon

• Found three-armed Pucci shirts

• Harvested fresh hops and promptly brewed beer with them

• Saw an eclipse

• That bottle of Bruichladdich Fies Ile we shared in the middle of the Jura Paps with our backs to the horizontal wind and rain

• Accidentally giving Mike McCready from Pearl Jam my friend’s joke

• Drank a lot of beer

• Ed from Barenaked Ladies sang me happy birthday

• Rode in a stunt plane and did all the flips and barrel rolls

• Wrestled in Jello

• Learned a bit about real cameras

• Changed my middle name

• Dressed up the lawn dinosaur

• Learned 3D printing and laser etching

• Hung out with my statistically significant others

• Bought an Apple Watch

• Went rock climbing in Joshua Tree

• Rode a mechanical bull

• Learned a crap-ton about electronics

• Did a real pull-up

• Spread a lot of joy in some wrapping-paper themed suits

Places I went:  Las Vegas, Maui, Ottawa, Baja, Palm Springs, Tahoe, New York City, Wisconsin, Scotland, Barcelona, Reykjavik

I also hiked 316 mi with 66k elevation: highlights include Mount Lassen, opening day of the big cube of Umunhum, ladybug migration, and oodles of wildflowers in the spring.


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