Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

Better living through body chemistry and knowing thyself

Despite all the trauma that kicked off my year, I am happy to announce that I am now feeling beyond awesome. Seriously. As in, I haven't felt this good since I was in my 20s.

Step 1: Genesolve. The company that my husband is now working at offered me a chance to try it out since I have some background in science or something. Here's how it went: they took my blood and ran a million tests on it and I got a 5 page report back. Then, based on my ultimate goals, I was prescribed a bunch of stuff from extra vitamins to supplements to even HCG (the last of which I honestly didn't care for even if money was no object). Then three months later, more bloodwork to see how everything went, then tweaking the meds and repeat.

Now, I've always considered myself a pretty darn healthy person, what with the dropping a bunch of weight last year, lots of bike riding, knew what a deadlift was, and generally good habits. But when you find out stuff like, oh, I had so little testosterone in my body that it was unmeasurable and did you know women are supposed to have SOME testosterone, especially if you're trying to get pregnant? So one of the tools in my new kit was testosterone gel, which made most of my male friends completely jealous.

And lo, I found my sex drive. I didn't even really register that it was missing until I had this rush of hypersexualized thoughts ALL DAY (how do you guys even deal with this?) So we've been tapering the gel back as my body seems to now register how to make its own.

But, that's just one example. I'm also feeling mentally sharp and on my game ALL DAY including the mid afternoons, my moods are generally sunny and low-stress, I'm sleeping hard and wake up feeling rested, and my bloodwork numbers are trending in the right direction. I'm happy to get on a bike again, and I'm rocking it on the weightlifting (should hit my unassisted pull-up goal in about two weeks if all goes well). So, yeah, this shit works.

Step 2: One by one nutrition consulting. This seems to be a logical next-step after my Precision Nutrition Lean Eating success. It's all still habit-based, but it's extremely customized, so these guys work with stay-at-home moms to Olympic athletes. Still no meal plans, no shakes, no calorie counting, just working on one good idea at a time and seeing how it goes. I feel like I've become that person who can eat whatever they want and still look good, it's just that "whatever I want" is no longer gorging on ice cream and peanut butter cups. I no longer crave the free bagels at work, although I'll have a doughnut like once a week and really effing *enjoy* the hell out of it. My goals are no longer weight loss, but rather a 200lb deadlift. To see how many veggies I can eat in a day, and to still be able to drink the beer I brew. There's an online community that's super cool, too, and I feel like I'm not out fighting the world alone.

So, tl;dr: feeling good. I wish everyone could feel like this, I think it would make the world a better place.
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