Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

2013 in review

- Commissioned a large painting
- Our lawn dinosaur became internet-famous
- Gave up roller derby (again)
- Started trying to fix my knee issues
- Landscaped the entire front yard with succulents and edibles
- Went to Utah, started thinking about a sleeve tattoo
- Began using a standing desk at work
- Bought some sassy pink roller-skates (still mostly unused)
- Drove the 14-passenger broom wagon
- Got my first MRI
- Topher's parents redecorated our bathroom awesomely
- Roger Ebert died
- Kayaked in Monterey with sea lions and otters
- Husband built me the world's sexiest single speed cross bike
- Had a miscarriage
- Visited Portland, ate very well
- Had a partial bursectomy surgery
- Saw LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy and De La Soul
- Lost my most sparkly friend in a car accident
- Visited Toronto for a weekend to meet my team, then got stuck in the airport for 24 hours
- Went to a week long Brewing Science course at UC Davis
- Camped out with a bunch of cyclists in the California Sierras
- Finished a year long project fixing my relationship with food
- And got some photos of myself in a bikini to prove it
- Bought a motorcycle (still unused)
- Saw Deltron 3030
- Took my derby wife to meet Barenaked Ladies
- Did my first backcountry camping trip in Tahoe
- Celebrated our 2nd anniversary
- Attempted aerial yoga, almost puked
- Binged on Iberico jamon in Spain
- Saw awesome friends get married
- Grew and ate a ton of padron peppers
- Hurt my leg again, quit roller derby again
- Saw a lecture at NASA on time travel
- Got a folding bicycle and lots of flat tires
- Made my annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin
- Rode a record number of roller coasters at an empty theme park
- Started a new job at work
- Went sailing and nearly got rammed by a whale
- Obtained my Six Sigma Green Belt
- Took dad wine tasting
- Watched Richard Dawkins being interviewed
- Tried to get back into rock climbing
- Dressed up as the Avengers and handed out bacon to kids
- Hubby changed jobs and is no longer gone half the year
- Saw Radiolab live (they had huge dinosaurs on stage)
- Did my first all-grain brew
- Visited Hawaii for a few days
- Read lots and lots of books
- Dug the T-Rex's costumes got way more elaborate
- Went to Canada, ate poutine and hung out with family
- Had my second miscarriage, from what started as twins. Completely heartbroken.
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