Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

2012 in review

- Wiped out on my bike, cracked my helmet
- Had to turn down body shots from drag queens
- Went to Sundance, did a ton of skiing, saw one movie
- Appeared dressed as a showgirl on a bike in a German cycling magazine
- Shook hands with Eddie Izzard
- Took the husband on a hot air balloon ride
- Gave a telegram as a valentine's gift
- Drove two hours to obtain my pour of Pliny the Younger beer
- Ate frogs legs. Didn't care for them
- Found another hummingbird nest in our yard
- Finished the new dining room extension
- I won a customer service award at work
- Learned how to spelunk inside a 2-story stainless steel tank
- My maternal grandmother passed away
- Dressed our lawn dinosaur up like an Easter Bunny
- Quit the job I had for 9 years
- Adopted a kitten. Gave away a kitten
- Drunken tandem bike ride with my team director
- Took Amtrak up to Portland and biked 700mi home in the rain
- Experienced an earthquake while sleeping in a tent
- A kids band used our dinosaur for their album cover
- Started a new job
- MCA passed away
- Learned how to keep bees, and kept some for a while
- Participated in a beer crawl scavenger hunt, ended up crashing Rogue instead
- Went to a roller derby game, became obsessed
- Met the guy who lost the iPhone4 prototype at the bar. At that bar.
- Rode my bike up some of the Death Ride mountains with fabulous ladies
- Saw Linkin Park live. No reason
- Went to X Games (spectator, not participant)
- Celebrated our first anniversary with ice cream sammiches and floating downstream
- Saw Itchy O and Extra Action Marching Band in a tiny sweaty club
- Saw Ozomatli in the redwoods
- Developed a crush on the mohawk guy in NASA
- Bought the worlds most awesome boots
- Watched meteors while drinking hot cocoa
- Saw Red Hot Chili Peppers, got within a foot of Flea
- Made really a lot of beer
- Visted my childhood home one last time before my parents moved out
- Turned 36 in the woods of Wisconsin
- Rode bikes with Dave Matthews band
- Saw Gotye live, didn't drool too much
- Caught (and ate) a huge salmon
- Became a derby girl
- Raced singlespeed cx bikes all over the place
- Drank a lot of really good whiskey
- Won the afterparty
- Dressed up like a dinosaur for Halloween
- Nearly got into a car accident with a police car
- Got a new tattoo (SSCXWC logo!)
- Twinkies went away
- Saw the Endeavour space shuttle. Nearly cried
- Dressed like a salmon and did an entire race backwards and with tequila shots
- Had a crazy ear infection that made me all dizzy for a day
- World did not end (yay!)
- Went to Canada, had a great time with the in-laws sitting in hot tubs
- Celebrated the end of the year in a gold sequin gown with hamachi grilled meats and fabulous company
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