Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

The Shooz, I Has Them

Except for one day a week, I find myself on some combination of bike, bus, or train to get to work. Typically this results in me having either specialty cycling shoes (i.e., the penguin-walk on cleats) or something super comfy for walking, like Vans or Sketchers, to get to my desk. Once there, I'd swap out for a pair that I kept under my desk, some Payless chunky heeled penny loafers that have lasted me since the beginning of time. Except they had started no-longer lasting: the outsides of the heels were worn down to steep levies, the strange naugahyde cracking and rubbing away to dull white patches, all the inner padding long since gathered closer to the toes. It was time.

And thus my Payless budget ran smack into the Fluevog sale. There was procrastination and lusting after the webpage every few days, budgets were shuffled around in a shell game, the futile hunt for a suitable, cheaper, less awesome alternative. Topher finally mentioned how upset I'd be if I didn't get them, if I missed the sale, or if I waffled too long and entered February (my month of Shopping-Detox) and let them stock out, I'd be a CrankyGnat.

Then I was elated, shopping bag swinging off the end of my arm, skipping around the rest of the day. Well, at least until I bumped into THESE.

Practical? Heck no. Cheap? Meh, sorta. Comfy? Rather surprisingly, yes. But the shoe-purchasing floodgates had been opened, the twinkle in my eye confirmed my intentions, and I now own a pair of heels not really possible in Newtonian physics. What the hell. We had visited AsiaSF a few nights prior, and my fascination with the glamorous femininity of the men, er, ladies that served us drinks held me in a trance. Sure, there was some strategic padding and shaving involved, but it was amazing to see what a few good accessories and a great strut could accomplish. These beauties were as good as mine.

So that's the news in shoes.

In a trying-not-to-jinx-it-way, I've been cutting back on the cycling, limped my booty back to Crossfit and am trying the gym's 30-day Paleo challenge. Nothing to report yet except that I haven't had a lack of great things to eat; I even survived a lick-smacking adventure to Umami Burger without a hitch. Will spill the beans (heh) on final results when the time comes.
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