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Goals and Resolutions

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Me? I love resolutions. I love stupid long term goals, even if it something like "laugh at the kitties every day" or "fix my credit". I don't beat myself up if I don't make it, and Jan 1st is just convenient as a time to reset everything.

For 2011:
- Physical - Triathlon
Done! Hated it! Let's not do that again. The training was ok, but I didn't really fit in with the club. Master Swim was a joke for me (too much learning backstroke, not enough time in open-water). The beginner bike was too easy; the next level up dropped me pretty regularly. After getting my finisher's medal and realizing how much work it would take to do anything on the next tri, I just called it quits. Ah well.

- Emotional - Be myself, loudly
Good, then not so good, but getting back to it again. Work's wardrobe restriction plus tons of working out on my offdays means no makeup, skirts, heels, fishnets, nailpolish, hats, anything really fun. I keep trying to play with the wardrobe I can wear, hoping to still be fashionable in jeans, vans and a hoodie. Some day.

- Mental - Read every day
Done, mostly! I didn't track the every day bit, but I did read far more than I have in years past. The new addition of a Kindle Fire to my quiver should bump it up yet again; in the few days between Christmas and New Years, I already polished off two novels. More. Gimme.

- Spiritual - Make a yard area to chill
DONE! And it looks freakin' RAD! Firepit and cozy cushions and little sparkly lights. Wish it was a little warmer out there so I could spend even more time. Highly recommended.

- Financial - Don't carry a balance
Not exciting, but DONE. Even with the wedding, honeymoon, and wedding, can you believe that?

- Family - Get Married!
DONE! and how fun THAT was! I purposefully stayed out of Bridezilla land, hand-made a bunch of things, went cheap on other items, ditched a huge load of traditions I didn't care about, and really went to town on the things that DID matter. In the end, we drank our homebrewed beer, hung out with friends and family, made each other laugh with bad puns, got some great pictures in the ball-pit, ate cheese and tacos, and swapped some neat pink gold rings. Couldn't have asked for more!

- Community Service - Expand work's bikeclub
Argh, not done. One of these days I'll really rev this thing, but sheesh it's a ton of side-work even just to keep it afloat.

- Fun / creativity / recreation - Eat five new species
I should have done a way better job of tracking this. I know I cooked turnips for the first time. Ate octopus. For most things, I ate new *parts* of animals I had already tried (lamb's tongue!). But I can't remember anything really grabbing me as memorably new, for some reason.

Continuing with the theme that it's useless for me to set resolutions like "Drop 20 pounds", here's what's on the plate for 2012:

- Do 30-day challenges throughout the year. January's is no booze, February is a shopping diet, etc.
- Figure out how to increase my energy levels (eat the rainbow? yoga? sleep cycles?)
- Keep my home spiffy, tidy, and welcoming enough to feel like a B&B
- Use my muses to help guide my inspirations and attitudes (Currently: Tank Girl)
- Love what I do: work, hobbies, exercise, etc. If I'm not loving it, look at doing something else.
- Continue to be good to my man, never take him for granted
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