Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

2011 in review

- Finally scattered MOSFET's ashes in the front yard, planted lilies on top
- Tried acupuncture. It was OK
- Started Master Swim classes, hated them
- Got dropped every group bike ride
- Ate spicy salami ice cream
- Went on a shopping diet
- Road tripped to San Luis Obisbo for hot tubs and pink sprinkles
- Tried all-grain brewing for the first time
- QWERTY had fleas and then massive chemical treatments as a result
- Ate at a Michelin star Greek restaurant owned by our next-door neighbors
- Tasted some of the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD (Pliny the Younger)
- Topher's parents came into town, helped us make the garden fabulous
- Covered a pair of combat boots with googly eyes
- Did lots of trail running in skirts
- Discovered hummingbird nest in the backyard, watched two baby birds grow up
- Hung out with C-ko in Seattle, went to my first pro Footbol game
- Skied in Squaw
- Toured Cowgirl Creamery, ate much cheese
- Portal 2 came out, got many headaches
- Aced a two-day mountain bike clinic, finally can wheelie-drop
- Raced a mountain bike wearing a skirt
- Bought a super-rad 29er carbon mountain bike named "Pants"
- Completed a triathlon. Came in 17th. Decided to never do that again.
- Attended Maker Faire, bought a felting kit and a stainless steel atom
- Went to a beer pairing dinner, my man, who was in Korea, sent flowers to the restaurant
- Bought a 6-foot lawn dinosaur
- Attended Bonnaroo in Tennessee
- Roadtripped south for natural hot springs
- Rode a bunch with Brooke Miller
- Got married, had a rad ceremony and party
- Visited Bali, climbed a volcano, got cheap massages
- Made lots of homemade pizzas
- Went to Wisconsin, found a spy-themed bar, turned 35
- Bought a Mini Cooper convertible
- Built a huge square foot garden with irrigation system
- Drank beer with Barenaked Ladies
- Took an intensive statistics class for work
- Got my motorcycle license, no reason
- Snuck around the Palace of Fine arts at night, got my photos taken
- Raced hungover in a fish costume
- Dressed at zomb-ees
- Built my first wheel (with a PowerTap!)
- Another friend passed on due to stupid cancer
- Stood in the Pacific Ocean up to my knees for 6 hours
- Raced pixiecross in a skirt
- Raced Singlespeed Cyclocross Worlds, scored my first dollar grab
- Won the costume contest at said race. WORLD CHAMP.
- Rode 250 miles in 5 days
- Roasted a beercan turkey
- Work computer was stolen
- Skied in Vail, saw Yukon Kornelius, met Dee Snider
- Roadtripped for artichoke bread and crab
- Discovered ginger liquor
- Got a Kindle for Christmas. Can't. Stop. Reading.
- Celebrated the holidays with Topher's family in wintery Canada
- Chopped off 8" from my hair, nobody noticed
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