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Veggie Box 032608
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After years of saying I was gunna do it, I finally did it: I signed up for a bi-weekly delivery of organic fruits and vegetables. And after placing my order, giving them my payment info and delivery address, I had to wait two painstaking days for the bounty to show up.

And that's when I knew I had reached adulthood, as I was retardedly excited about getting vegetables.

It's been fun tho. Nothing like an unfamiliar ingredient (i.e., chard) to send me diving to the Joy of Cooking and trying some mad experiments in the skillet. If nothing else, it forces me to eat more fruits and veggies, as I can't stand the thought of anything going bad. Now I can't wait until the next delivery, and I haven't even polished off this one yet.

It was also good fortune that the box arrived on the day I called in sick to work, so that I had something to play with. Having not been sick in 20398503847 years, I finally succumbed to a rampaging cough that made my coworkers back away from me in meetings and produced from my lungs the sort of alien creatures that would suffice for a Cronenberg movie set. Gave it enough time, Theraflu, Nyquil, and cough drops, and I'm finally back to normal spaztacular energy levels. More just ticked about how much training I missed out on, and while probably not true, I feel like the last week wiped out the last month of good. Frustrating.

I think I'll have a pear before bed. Nom.

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