Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

Informal memorial for Howard

For those in the San Francisco Bay Area who want to spill a little on the ground in honor of our enigmatic comrade, shdwspn aka Howard Gobioff:

Please join us at one of Howard's favorite spots, Zeitgeist, this Sunday the 16th, from 3pm til gosh-knows-when.
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Oh CRAP. It IS that Howard. I was hoping not. =(
What happened to him?
Lymphoma. :(
In yet another small world moment, I didn't know that you knew him too.

Sadly, I would be in the Bay area during the memorial (for unrelated reasons), except that I'll be en route to New York. Where we were going to have drinks.

Gnat: please do me a favor and pour both a single malt scotch (neat) and a vodka (rocks) on the ground at Zeitgeist. He'd understand.