Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

I know I say this a lot, but YAY!

Life is gudt!

Work, for the next month, has kicked me into high gear with the Impending Project Launch lurking. I cannot describe exactly what I am doing, but I shall phrase it this way: Wednesday I was running paperwork around in that fast-walking/I-know-I-shouldn't-be-running-in-the-hallways/shuffling way, and Friday didn't get me out until 10pm. But there's a part of me that enjoys the pace because not only can I handle it but I perform rather well with it. The show must go on, and it does.

My Deathride training (Operation: Cheat Death) has been going MORE than good! I'm riding 4 days a week with one loooong day, clubbell/kettlebell twice a week, and rock climbing once a week. I'm eating a TON of healthy food, which seems to make a huge difference in my performance and overall daily demeanor. I'm practically bouncing off the walls with energy in the morning now, which is pretty scary if you're aware of where my baseline demeanor already sits.
Weight: 131.5 lb (-1.0)
Bodyfat: 18.3 % (-1.0)
Yays: Best speed ever for radio tower lunch ride. Making it up previous nemesis-hill King's Mountain without stopping (highest point in San Mateo County, I learned) followed by the most amazing decent down south-bound Skyline.

More life yays:
+ Good friends, good wine, good movies. Good plans for next few weekends!
+ Mad props to mommagoth for hooking a girl up with the coolest bling EVAR! It is absolutely perfect!
+ I won a $100 gift certificate to Amazon, and am debating putting it towards a TomTom GPS. Any opinions on it?
+ Ace gets back from Europe on Thursday and I'm all giddy and hyper to see him again. Hee!

Okay, well, today is KETCHUP day, wherein I do all the laundry/groceries/call mom/chemistry homework that I've been putting off. Time to throw open the windows and put the pirate boots on!

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