December 31st, 2008


2008 in review

- Discovered kettlebells
- Buncha rock climbing, including once outside on real rock!
- Followed dad on his travels through Guatemala
- Took Ace on an adventure through Santa Cruz county for his birthday
- Bought my first case of wine
- Attended a Tufte seminar
- Took Ace's dad through a wine and food extravaganza
- Had my picture in Bicycling magazine (very very tiny!) and posed on the Specialized website
- Followed the Tour of California again!
- Got to see the prologue from the inside of the Quickstep team car
- Cipollini signed my bike tire
- manufracture & bork appeared!
- Kicked booty at work
- Started training for Deathride, but gave up
- Howard died
- I bought a steel cruiser bike and gave up Cheddar, the old roadbike
- Started getting the veggie box delivery
- Bought an XBOX360
- Was elected president of the Genentech Bike Club
- Went to San Diego for a work-conference
- Started enjoying beers
- Passed second semester chemistry
- Saw the entirety of Costa Rica
- Bought a mountain bike
- Went to Wisconsin for the yearly pilgrimage
- Camped and hiked through the High Sierras
- Tried velodrome and cyclocross seminars
- Conquered Zion during an impromptu weekend
- Started going through the lessons of "Wear More Cashmere"
- My net worth plummeted
- Won a bunch of prizes with my halloween costume
- Elected a president
- Treated my dad to an awesome bike ride, plus much food and wine
- Dropped my calculus class
- Hired a coach
- Biked around Santa Monica
- Interviewed for a new position (same company!)
- Assembled a ton of kids' bicycles
- Celebrated in Canada and tried poutine
- Fell in love over and over with my Ace
- Ended up bicycling 3553 miles with 153,882ft elevation over 257 hours - easily reaching beyond level 10 (!)
me with cats

Goals and Resolutions

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Me? I love resolutions. I love stupid long term goals, even if it something like "laugh at the kitties every day" or "fix my credit". I don't beat myself up if I don't make it, and Jan 1st is just convenient as a time to reset everything.

For 2008:
- Go somewhere exotic
Costa Rica success! My first real sit-on-a-beach vacation since I was 12!

- Climb a 5.11a inside and/or Climb something outside
5.11a turned out to be a HUGE overestimate, so fail on that part. I had a project 5.10b that I was having fun with, 'til it got broken down before I could send it. After that, I lost a bunch of motivation and my technique suffered. I did, however, spend a sunny day on real rocks complete with trying to figure out where the good holds were and with amazing views at the top. Definitely a different beast, but I'm so glad I tried it; put a checkmark on success!

- Floss regularly
Fail. Dunno why I can't seem to make this a regular habit.

- Make it enjoyable to open my credit card bill
Success! I have reduced my debt by a third at this point. The number I see now looks MUCH better than it did.

- Bike more miles than I did in 2007 (2680 mi)
Success! 2008 tally was 3553 mi.

- Find inspiration in new music
Not sure. I ended up starting by burning everything I had to iTunes, which meant I rediscovered a bunch of stuff I had forgotten I owned. Later in the year I signed up for eMusic, which is forcing me into downloading at least one album a month, and I've found some neat stuff that way. But not really feeling the "inspiration" I was hoping for.

- Declutter the apartment
Not sure. Moderate success, but still feeling like I have too much *stuff*. This project will likely roll over to 2009.

- Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon
Success! Was hesitant the first half of the year, but the whirlwind has finally ruffled my hair and put a huge grin on my face. Ace and I have done adventures big and small, and there is talk of finding an apartment together when our respective individual leases run out. My cooking is now almost exclusively using fresh ingredients, and I've become a huge fan of amazing olive oils, proscuitto, French butters, dried beans, and the mystery vegetables that come in my box and send me running to the Joy of Cooking.

- Learn to love my job or get another one
Success! This was not an official resolution or anything, but something that was nagging at the back of my brain for quite a while. I've had a really rough time with my job, with limited technical background plus having 5 bosses over the last 1.5 years giving me different priorities. I have been officially on call through 2008 with the exception of about 6 weeks, I had "the bitter" kick in as projects became emergencies then were unceremoniously cancelled, and many of my friends left the company.

For 2009:
  • Get my Deathride pin, thus the subgoals:
    • Know thyself
    • Bike up Hamilton and Diabolo
    • Eat more like an athlete
    • Try racing at least once
    • Ride more miles (3553 mi) or hours (257h) than I did in 2008.
  • Hang out with the ladies more often
  • Get outta debt
  • Waste less time on the internet
  • Touch my toes
  • Be fabulous!