December 29th, 2008

me with cats


We are finally back in the more temperate home zone, and I will have a big ol' summary post in a bit, once I've sort of cleaned the fridge and tidied up the place a bit.

BUT! I am pleased with the thought with which people put into gifts for me this year:
- new cycling commuter backpack
- "Gnatproof" digital camera (water/freeze/drop-proof)
- cycling jersey, knickers, gloves
- a fluffy winter coat
- wall clock
- Roots "FLICK OFF" tee
- UW pink sweatshirt
- Time Bandits comic
- one of those EFF paintings for "Pink Princess Bicycle"
- framed picture of my boyfriend from when he was 9 (from his mother!)
- lotsa books!
- marshmallow bow
- an Inukshuk wine bottle stopper*
- the girl stuff: teas, lotions, socks, candles, etc

I am also quite pleased with the gifts I gave out this year, my personal favorites being a hang gliding lesson for my boy, homemade brandied spiced cherries for the co-workers, and a magnet for mom that states "I'm a Nurse: I'm here to save your butt, not kiss it" (and if you know her, you'd realize this is close to perfect).

We skipped a lot of traditions this year: sending cards, baking cookies, tiny oranges, Mr Bean's Christmas Special. I don't feel like I missed too much, tho; I'm convinced that doing everything every single year is a recipe for holiday overload. Now, if we could just tame it to stay in December instead of pushing out the Halloween candy from the shelves...

* Prompting a discussion about the difference between inuksuit and cairns, and yes, I just looked up the spelling of both words