December 15th, 2008

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Gnat wrenches away
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Saturday, we went and built bikes.

Turning Wheels for Kids gets donations, goes out and buys something like 2000 bikes in all different sizes and types, which will be given away to kids. Then, one crisp Saturday morning, the lot of us show up in a gigantic warehouse and assemble them all.

I now have sympathy for every parent who has tried to assemble a bike for their kid in time for Christmas morning. The sheer volume of bicycles meant that we saw the best and the worst of it. Some came with streamers. One type had a little baby carrier specifically for dolls. One was missing its pedals. The Invincibles bike came with a little eyemask, but the strange tiny disc wheels made it impossible to get a pump onto the valve. Tires were inflated too much and erupted with a bang to the jeers of the other mechanics. Some had gears, some had brakes, one had a U-brake that only worked on one side. There were extra washers and missing bolts. There were borrowed wrenches, bloodied knuckles, and fingers pinched in spokes. Training wheels everywhere.

Hope those kids appreciate it! Sheesh, everyone should know how hard it was not to walk out with some sparkly pink tassles for Brie!