November 23rd, 2008

Queen Bike

Level 10!!!

Originally uploaded by Chris Matthews
Friday I pedaled into work, tallied everything up: I somehow got level 10 without even really thinking about it. But wow, YAY, HOLYSNOT I DID IT!

Ace took me out for steak dinner (mmm kobe) and presented me with a new shimmery white/pink saddle to celebrate my final milestone. We went for a fantastic 60 mile ride in the Saturday sunshine, charging up Page Mill (7.5 miles climbing 2050 ft) and zipping down La Honda. I went through 4 waterbottles and still felt parched. Sunday I gave the bike a well-earned bath, then Ace showed me how to replace the shifter cable, and we put on new pink bartape to match the new saddle. Brie looks SO HOT now! Here's to the next 3500 miles!

Oh yah, there was also beers and a "Geological Cabaret" show. I sure do love living in this area.