November 3rd, 2008

me with cats

Time shift, weather shift, mental shift.

On my bike, I've achieved my Beat Last Year goal, then trumped a mini goal from (now waiting for my free socks to arrive!), and zipped by A Nice Round Number goal (3000). I have one task left, if I so choose, and that is: I'm at a level 9.5 and could theoretically get to 10 by the end of the year.

But you know what? I'm ready to let it go.

Call it periodization, call it avoiding Total Burnout. Maybe it's the realization that I will start my plan in January to train for Death Ride. I'm looking into the next month and a half of conditions getting colder, darker, wetter, and windier, and I don't want to make myself miserable. I'm ok with that, I don't need the HardCore points anymore. I feel pretty good. Granted, if I find a beautiful sunny weekend day over the winter, I am snagging it for sure! I'm just allowing myself that I don't have to force myself into something if I'm not having fun.

This weekend I rediscovered that peculiar joy at hearing the rain pounding the roof and windows when you're inside, dry, warm. I actually had a good time at the gym: some rock climbing, some kettlebell, some spin-bike with the headphones blasting. It was kinda like finding a favorite playground again, like, hi, this is fun! Hopefully, by the time I get bored with it, it'll be time to pull the bike back out.

In a separate note, my dad is Amtracking his way from the midwest out to our shores for a week's visit. I'm very much looking forward to showing him around to some of our new favorite places, but dad is also very self-sufficient and will be spending most of my working hours exploring on his own!