October 29th, 2008

me with cats

Lesson #90 - only the best

Lessons from Wear More Cashmere - 151 luxurious ways to pamper your inner princess:

"Our country abounds with variety," the author points out, and she's not advocating bankrupting yourself for this task. However, "there should be at least one small part of your life in which you will buy only the best." Become a connoisseur, seek it out wherever you go, create trips around it, have adventures while seeking it. Her initial suggestions are your underwear, your hair, or your coffee.

I realized that I had already done this with at least three things, tho sadly my underwear was not one of them (that lacy French stuff is superexpensive!)

#1 on my list these days has been my olive oil. Weird, I'm not even that big of a fan of straight olives, but I have become a total snob about the golden-green goo over the last year. I started by picking up some stuff at the farmer's market, Bariani, which I discovered to like much more than the grocery store's selection. Then Ace brought me back a bottle of something from Spain: the bottle was hand-numbered, I have no idea what it cost him, but I find myself licking it off my fingers, and I am at a loss for what to do when I run out of it except send my boyfriend to Spain to fetch me more. I also have a token "flavored" oil with lemon and ginger that is zingy and nice for a change of pace. And finally my leftover Siloro D.O.P. Umbria which is really good, but super peppery and I haven't figured out what to do with it besides dip bread in it.

#2? Honey. I'm not that brand specific yet, but anything with a chunk of the comb in the jar is fair game. No more squeeze bears.

#3 is a fledgling vote for butter. Plugras is great and easy to find, but I also discovered Isigny Ste Mere at the French Wholesale Warehouse sale (thanks matrushkaka!)... well, more like: I was standing dumbfounded in the butter section, and a woman who didn't speak a word of English picked up something in a pale yellow foil, placed it squarely in my hands, and nodded. Wish I could thank her for that random act of kindness, 'cause that stuff was like fat made of crack. Or crack made of fat. I dunno.

I wish I could say "tea", but honestly, the super froofy fancy teas haven't impressed me that much. I'm more than happy sipping a mug of Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice, or pretty much anything from Zhenya's Gypsy Tea (more for the unique flavor combinations, like Pomegranate Rose).

My coffee, my hair, and my underwear are all on the cheap, so I don't feel bad about splurging on the other stuff tho. Ok, I do have SOME standards (no Folgers crystals, nothing but SFX, and no grannypanties), but lemme tell you how long a bottle of super fancy olive oil lasts...

Er, a long time. I'll get back to you when I've cried over the last drop.