October 27th, 2008

me with cats

'Twas the week before Halloween...

My Gypsy fortune-teller-in-a-box tied for first place at work's costume contest and won "Most Creative" at a Halloween house party. Ace won "Creepiest," and with good reason: we have confirmation that he made at least two kids cry with this get-up...

Saturday we tried a Cyclocross clinic in Santa Cruz. Ace went with the more experienced group to refine techniques, while I circled a baseball diamond around on my mountain bike with the first-timers practicing: dismount, mount, dismount, pick up bike, run over something, running mount, ride, dismount, mount, dismount, pick up bike, ad infinitum. I only fell once due to a mis-timed mount and bruised my hip, but I was more scared to do the running starts in general. It was a little wonky to be jogging alongside the bike and just, well, hop onto the saddle, THEN find the pedals. The moment I hesitated (and I did), I couldn't do it. So that was slightly frustrating, but I got a lot of the other tricks down pretty well, for what I could do sans crossbike. Went around the course several times, wore myself out completely, scarfed down a burrito, and somehow left my helmet... somewhere... argh, absentmindedness! So, overall a fun time in the dirt, but I'm not sure that I'm going to dive into the cross race circut. I mean, I can survive ok, but I think I'm too chicken to do it at any real speed.

Sunday was a pumpkin spice latte and lazy window shopping, then took my leave to swap some clothes with the ladies.

Definitely feels like autumn now with it getting dark so early. I'm going to die when the time shifts again. :-(