October 14th, 2008

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Lesson #18 - feet first

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Lessons from Wear More Cashmere - 151 luxurious ways to pamper your inner princess:

The task this week is a pedicure. Well, she seems to hint more at going out and getting a $20 pedicure, tacking on the extended foot massage, but I am nothing if not a girl on a recession-budget: I did my own.

I missed out on some of that fussing and attention of getting one professionally, but admittedly my feet are so battered that I'm almost embarrassed to de-sock in front of anyone. Cycling, rock climbing, hiking galore, well I'm dotted in half-flattened blisters in strange places and have callouses like stale bread heels. Ew.

Soaked the feet, went after the bottoms with a cheese-grater thing, massaged up to the knee with perfumed salt scrub from Trader Joe's, cut, filed, and painted. I can't stay in the lines as well as I'd like, but artist I am not! Later, super-lotion and fuzzy socks for overnight marinading. Maybe sandals tomorrow, just because!

I should really do this more often. It's a nice ritual.