October 13th, 2008


A weekend of comforts and the absense of

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I keep trying to get outside my comfort zone, with mixed results. I mean, it's designed to not be comfortable, right?

Saturday morning mountain bike ride with Ace. To my credit, I do still have the itch to go out and keep working at it even though I'm having a really difficult time. Which is good, it means I'm not discouraged enough to just give up, but holysnot I am having a rough time with singletrack. At one point, I had nearly gone ass-over-tits at a particularly steep part; I made it (yay!) but then I saw the rocks yet to come and my brain just went into overload shutdown. I crawled off the bike and hyperventilated a bit, eventually more comfortable walking my bike down the trail instead of riding it. Slow way to get around. Maybe if I try that same trail again, I'll know better what's coming and can better psyche myself up for it, I dunno. Leveling up my skills in MTB is not as linear as it was with road biking. Super frustrating.

Sunday I tried a Bikram Yoga class. I should preface this by saying that I'm not flexible at all (and I really don't even attempt to get better, honestly). But instead of a large room where I can hide in the back and work on touching my toes, we were in a tiny hot hallway where the drill sergeant yoga instructor was yammering instructions out so fast that I tuned her out and instead just mused at how much I was sweating. Today my lower back feels like it's been worked over with a baseball bat. I'm trying to keep an open mind and think that I might try it again, maybe somewhere else tho.

I'm getting better I'm getting better I'm getting better. *sigh*

The true highlights of the weekend, however, were centered around a spectacular datenight with my man. Dinner at Incanto, complete with melt-in-your-mouth 16-month-cured ham, a plate of OMG olive oil (for which I got a doggybag, not kidding), pumpkin risotto, lavender lemonade, a flight of dessert wines, and an assortment of chocolate, ice cream, apples, and Red Bull sorbet (!). Stuffed, we made our way over to Teatro Zinzanni for their Cabaret Lunatique, complete with a meat-themed burlesque dance, a clown that wandered around munching on a head of cabbage, random dance breaks, and a self-proclaimed "Mexican El-Vez" lounge singing into the wee hours of the night. Thumbs up all around!

Oh, and the previously mentioned pumpkin patch visit, with emergency hay ride. Between the food the previous night, the fact that I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle right now, and eating raw corn straight off the stalk, sheesh, I'm ready to get off this economic rollercoaster and spend some years tending a garden, canning tomatoes, and hustling bees and chickens. Old school, sure, but keep me on the grid with internet and a netflix account, please?