September 29th, 2008

me with cats


  1. Fly out to Las Vegas
  2. Rent car (oh, hey, a Prius!)
  3. Spend 5 minutes figuring out how to start the car
  4. Pick up Ace from his hotel on the strip
  5. Drive to Zion
  6. Set up tent, eat Indian food, drink beer
  7. Sleep
  8. Get sprayed several times in the night by sand gusts coming through the tent.

Angel's LandingSATURDAY
  1. Oatmeal, coffee, oogle scenery
  2. Shuttle to Angel's Landing trailhead
  3. Hike about 2 miles up (mostly) paved trail
  4. The next half-mile of trail is only a few feet wide. And steep uphill. And has ~1000ft sheer drop on either side.
  5. ...Eeeeeep!
  6. OMG, made it! Lunch at the summit with an amazing view.
  7. Descend the same way
  8. Still feeling antsy, hit up the Lower Emerald Pool trail. Yay, waterfalls!
  9. Big clouds and rolling thunder tell us not to go farther into the canyon tonight. Call it a day.
  10. Build fire, grill sausages, drink wine
  11. Get sprayed several times in the night by sand gusts coming through the tent.

The NarrowsSUNDAY
  1. Oatmeal, coffee, refill the waterbladders
  2. Break down camp
  3. Shuttle to the River Walkway
  4. Walk about a mile on paved trail. Then it just ends.
  5. So you take off your socks, dip into the 60-degree water, and walk through the river.
  6. ...for the next hour and a half through the Narrows.
  7. The canyon walls get closer and closer together every bend. Bad place to be in a flood!
  8. Finally, we hit a nipple-deep pool, with no way past except swimming. We're having a blast, but we're about ready to head back anyway, and the thought of submerging in that water is not quite appealing.
  9. Lunch!
  10. Huff it back. Notice that the feet have become numb to the water temperature. Hrm.
  11. Shuttle back to the car.
  12. Drive to Vegas.
  13. Check into the hotel, shower (ahh!) and change into dry clothes
  14. Prime rib and martinis at Lawry's.
  15. Finally, a sand-free snooze!

  1. Fly back to San Francisco
  2. Head straight to work
  3. Blink a bunch

Not bad for a weekend, really! Wanna go back and do the full Narrows Overnight adventure sometime tho. WOW!