September 23rd, 2008

you might think i'm crazy

I don't understand me sometimes.

Dear Self:

Today was a good day. You accomplished another one of your goals that you set for the year; did you know you only have two left? You managed a ton at work and sat out in the sunshine with the laptop for a chunk of the afternoon. You finally received your shiny new Mr. Bento toy that you've been patiently waiting for via cheap-ass shipping. You have an awesome weekend planned. You are not nervous at all about your Calc test tomorrow, because you know you've got a pretty good handle on this material. You have a beer in your hand and a cat on your lap.

So why the frick are you in such a foul, self-defeating mood? We just bought you some new clothes, too, and that usually snaps you out of it. Seriously, what is wrong?


-- gnat!