August 16th, 2008


FAIL. (not rawk! but that's the only bass-icon I have)

Dear Guitar Center:

I lugged that amp and BOTH those cabs down from my 2nd-floor apartment and wrangled them into the car. I then drove all the way into the city with them, finally found parking close enough to the front of your store on )#*&ing Van Ness, and then lugged them all into the store by myself. You made me document the brand and serial number of each item as I brought it in to be looked at.

Then, two of your sales people spent OVER AN HOUR tinkering with them. Ok, I understand you want a thorough look, that's expected. But over an hour, while I stood there picking my nose like a dumbass, wondering if I was going to get a parking ticket, getting a headache because you're slap-funking at TOP VOLUME... only to tell me you're not going to take them because the high end is a little buzzy at top volume?

(So he says one of the cabs is worth $350, but he can't sell it at $350 next to brand new cabs worth the same price... and, uh, is that MY problem?)

So fuck you, Guitar Center, because now I had to lug all that crap back past the front door to verify all the serial numbers, even tho you could see me and my "dated" equipment the entire time, carry it back into the car, made me miss the clothing swap and then get stuck in traffic the ENTIRE way back home. Now I'm too frustrated to carry it back into the apartment, because I just want it OUT of my life, but I'd love to get SOME money for it, 'cause I paid a lot for this stuff.

So is Craigslist my last damn hope, or is there anywhere else I can go?