August 9th, 2008

me with cats

Musings on the way to the finish line

I dropped off Ace at the airport early this morning. I am so proud of that man, I could just burst.

He is just to embark on Transrockies, a multi-stage mountain bike race up in Canada. This is one of those "you're not actually meant to finish" kind of races, wherein they make it so difficult that even surviving is a feat, let alone winning. 7 days, 549.6km, with 17,623m verticle meters (that's 341 miles and 57,818 feet of climbing).

Oh yah, and you have to stay within a certain distance from your partner; in this case, you can follow Ace's posts and/or his buddy, Cush.

Ace has been working with a trainer since February to get ready for this, and I've never seen him so powerful, so motivated, so goshdarn excited to get going on this. Even when it made the weekends kinda sucky, because I had to send him off for 6 hours on an epic ride that I could never keep up with, I supported it. In a way, it makes me feel like a dork for giving up on Deathride so easily, when I was thwarted by the little mishap of not getting the lottery ticket (as it turns out, that doesn't stop the TRULY motivated...) Since then, I've kept up the biking, sorta, but my heart wasn't really into pushing myself to that extent without the Big Huge Goal to work for.

My main problem, that I can tell, is trying to be PERFECT throughout the length of time to complete Big Goals, which can cause me to lose hope. I wish, sometimes, that I could front-load the effort, e.g., pay off the debt instantly by cashing in stock, or drop 10 pounds on the scale overnight by eating perfectly for a week, by cycling the biggest hills in the Bay Area for a month. You know, use the momentum while it's strong, harness the willpower while it's uniquely motivated by a new goal. Keeping long term things going through the middle doldrums, when it's a real drag and it seems like nothing is happening: therein is my weak point.

But, that's not to say that I've slacked off entirely. With a renewed sense of purpose, I am focusing now on several goals, from the big (getting to zero debt in a year) to the small (doing 100 pushups), to random other things that wax and wane with the moodswings (send a 5.10b climbing route), just by pacing and following a plan. I love it, I love having goals, I love working towards them, I love keeping spreadsheets and watching numbers change, knowing that it is possible if I keep working at it.

Just need to learn that Keep Working At It part. And for that, I thank Ace, for showing me that neither the unexpected nor everyday stresses nor setbacks should ever make you lose sight of the desired result. Just get back on and keep going.

Good luck, babe! Finish strong, finish happy, or just finish, and be sure come back with stories!