July 26th, 2008

Parry! Dodge! Sproing! Thrust! Ho!

Update on resolutions:

Hey, I actually work on these past January!

Now that the traveling-somewhere-exotic thing is done and some projects are ongoing habit-forming things, I am re-sighting the attack.

I was way too aggressive in my "climb a 5.11a" resolution, as I can't seem to get up any 5.10b's at this point: what I didn't know in January was that the learning curve at this level gets painfully steep. With that, I am taking another climbing class and have been ripping apart my hands and feet as consequence of all the homework. Our current joke is that we have blisters underneath the blisters. I am still on-track to climb outside by the end of the summer.

For my debt-attack, I just opened a 0% intro-apr card specifically for a transfer, tho I am sad that the credit limit it gave me didn't cover the entire thing. Regardless, I have a plan in effect to get it all taken down within the 12 months, barring anything dramatic.

I am way ahead of my bike miles goal. I'm at a "Level 7" (for those who remember that system), and even if I slack off from this day forward I should still easily surpass last year's tally.

The "new music" and "decluttering" goals are slow. First, I wanted to rip every single one of my CDs into iTunes, as apparently I hadn't done that before, and then I could rid myself of the bulky plastic cases. As a consequence, I haven't bought any new music, as I'm discovering things that I forgot I owned.

Few more months. I think I can, I think I can...