June 22nd, 2008

me with cats

Sorry, San Francisco, but I *adore* this hot weather thing...

There was velodrome watching, with burger and hefeweisens. There was sitting out by the water sipping fruity rum cocktails while dogs lounged in the shade made by our legs. There was cherries, smoked almonds, wine, giggly babies and fun conversation in the fog at Stern Grove.

I somehow got burned to a crisp through all this. Since I've spent most of the pre-season in bike shorts before the real sunshine hit, I developed what Ace dubbed "Neopolitan legs": brown tanned knees, burned pink thighs, white hips. My chest also got nailed, due to my forgetfulness to put sunscreen there, and so I now have a perfect outline of my bikini top in ouch-tastic fuschia. I was accused of trying too hard to color-coordinate.

I also managed to stab my finger from one of those corn cob skewers. Summer is dangerous; be careful out there, folks!