June 16th, 2008

South Park Gnat


*fwew* It's been a while since I've been able to put words to happenings.

My apartment lease came up for renewal, and the lease terms that were available were 8 months or 11 months: I have never heard of either of these before.

I had a bit of a scare in the days following the discovery of 3 golf-ball sized bruises that had appeared on the back of my right leg. The mystery evolved in that that I had no recollection of bumping into anything, certainly not that hard or that frequently. Combined with a recollection from the Doc about mild anemia, I started to panic, and of course the diagnose-thyself-webpages were no help at all. I finally got to visit my GP this morning who put together the timing of a blood donation plus my period and increased cycling mileage and told me to only worry if more mystery bruises formed, but I am otherwise cleared for play. Now the only bummer involves how my leg looks in short skirts until it heals. That, and I had a romantic hope of getting a doctor's prescription for steak.

Ace invented a million-veggie lasagna which we ate while viewing a documentary about adventure vacation travel in Costa Rica. Admittedly, it was the first time I actually and truly got excited about our upcoming vacation! Maybe because the trip had been so intangible to me, or that I hadn't really done much planning since the reservation, or couldn't even imagine the idea of taking a real honest tropical vacation... well, they're showing people bungee-jumping off bridges and rafting down rivers and kayaking through lush green overgrowth and finding sloths and sipping drinks with umbrellas and everything made me go YES YES THAT AND THAT AND MUST DO THAT. Now, of course, I absolutely cannot wait to go. Need to get a camping towel and some superDEET. Maybe a lighter camera. Eee!

I got me an A in my second semester of Chemistry. This is actually pretty surprising to me; I must have rocked the final or something weird with the curve. I really struggled with this class! Maybe because we were getting into things that were more abstract or that I couldn't directly relate to anything useful I'd use on my job, so I'd promptly forget everything two minutes after the lecture, then cram it back in before tests. Grr.

These days I feel like my cat following the sunbeam around, trying to soak in every sunshiny day and getting surly when the fog rolls back in. I'm refocusing on some cycling and climbing goals. The BeerWars are going well. Life is good, just like the T-shirts say!