May 29th, 2008

me with cats

Goin' SOUTH!

Guess who's going to San Diego next week rather suddenly?

< ... >

ME! I am!

Ace gets back from 2+ weeks of Japan/China/The Moon on SUNDAY and then I leave MONDAY. I'm gunna be busy during most of the working hours, but I have every intention of spending the evenings in sandals on a beach cruiser hunting taquerias. So prolly no Zoo/Legoland, but maybe yes to beer with fruit in it and a surfing lesson. Shall play it by ear!

Speaking of which, Ace was not content to just *go* to China and experience it like a normal businessman, he signed up for a local circuit race and within 24 hours of arriving in Shanghai had placed 3rd out of 120 riders. I saw the pictures of him on the podium thanks to the wonder of the internet. I am so proud of him, I could just burst; not for the bronze medal, but more for just diving into life without toe-checking the temperature first. :D

I should also mention: tickets are purchased for Costa Rica. Need vacation, neeeeeed!