May 18th, 2008

Queen Bike

Review of the Strawberry Fields Forever Century: A++++ WOULD RIDE AGAIN

Actually, this was a ton of fun.
103.28 miles, 6,773ft elevation taking 7:32 hours

5502 calories burned, says the computer.

Rest stops offered:
#1 - skipped
#2 - bagels, fruit, granola, coffee, bean burritos
#3 - fruit, nuts, granola, lattes, biscotti, viewing of the Calfee workshop and their Bamboo bikes
#4 - sandwiches, eggs, salted potatoes (my new favorite), cookies, crackers, Coke
#5 - almost skipped until I saw crepes made to order, fresh (real) lemonade, pie
Finish - Chicken, pasta, veggies with roasted garlic (maybe 18 cloves on my plate alone), chocolate covered strawberries

"This is the only century where I could end up gaining weight," said one companion.