May 11th, 2008

South Park Gnat


  • p0wn some Rock Band with the coworkers
  • See Iron Man (made me want to take engineering classes)
  • Try track-racing (didn't wake up in time)
  • Restore the Stella with Ace:
    • Unbox
    • Super-bath
    • Paint touchup
    • New tires
    • Rescue the saddle (in process)
    • New brake cable
    • Fresh bartape (anyone know where to get leather or real cork?)
    • Fixie the gears

  • BBQ
  • Debate buying a snake (No go: cat is too old)
  • Purchase a flirty miniskirt
  • Drink retarded amounts of good wine
  • Get a windvest in a color other than safety-green
  • Plant new herbs
  • Cook up some lentils for dinner this week
  • Beerbread!
  • Watch a kung fu movie
  • Finish chemistry lab report
  • DIY pedicure
  • Get to bed early. For once.