May 5th, 2008

Esurance kickin' butt

I was reminded today that I've not posted in a while...

Wow, it's absolutely true: starting a Twitter makes you put off LJ entries like crazy. Definitely easy to pump out 2305701 random one-line thoughts, rather than sitting down to a blank window expecting paragraphs of whatchya been up to.


C-ko arrived last week as a rather spontaneous guest to my abode, which was awesome except that the spontaneity of it meant that I couldn't abandon several pre-set plans, like work and classes and the arrival of Grand Theft Auto IV. Luckily, C-ko is pretty self-sufficient and was able to amuse herself solo in the wilds of the city before shuffling her way back to my place for leftovers and gossip by the time I got home.

I think I also made the girl nearly pee her pants as I was getting the hang of the new GTA driving mechanism, skidding and slamming my poor vehicles into stationary objects worse than a fish out of water attempting to cross a busy freeway. She didn't do any better, but she at least added style points by blasting black metal tunes overtop of the game's own soundtrack to add a rhetorically hyper moodset.

Saturday we got Ace out of bed at some unholy hour and rolled him onto the course in Los Gatos for the Cat's Hill Classic Criterium. He donned a shark-like skinsuit and set the pace for most of the 10 laps, so there were several times that they would announce his name as the race leader and I'd squeal and clap on the sidelines. He ultimately placed 5th out of 50, and we rewarded his efforts with a gigantic tri-tip rollie from Los Gatos Meat Co.

Being at the race made me a little jealous, I admit. One race I didn't catch was the 13-14 year old girls, which made me wonder how my life would have been different had I gone down that path in life at that age. I was also a tad envious of the 16 year old kids farting around with $6000 bike set-ups. Other than that, I had a slight tickle at the idea of learning to race myself, but then I recovered as I remembered that I'm less competitive than a ladybug on a hot summer's day.

I bought a TomTom and installed John Cleese's voice right out of the box so that I might have proper directions up to Napa on Saturday afternoon. Once there, Ace and I enjoyed several courses of gastronomical glee with a bottle of Pinot at Greystone before crashing at the curiously-eco Hotel Gaia. The hot tub was surrounded by chirping frogs that would mysteriously go completely silent about every 15 minutes or so... we had suspicions of a tape rewind somewhere in the lobby.

Even more ungodly was the hour we had to wake up in order to make the start of the Tour de Cure. Last year I did the 50 mile route and met Greg LeMond. This year, I was determined to do the century, even though my DeathRideTrainingPlan(tm) is on serious sabbatical. I was nervous, and it was way colder than was forecast, but I ended up finishing pretty well and not dying/mad like I did at Mammoth. It certainly helped, of course, having a super-strong cyclist boy in front of me who was willing to pull during the last 20 miles which featured some soul-crushing headwinds. Other than that, I seem to have finally mastered the zen and timing of PB&J bagels and Cytomax, so that certainly helped with the fourth, fifth, and sixth winds in my legs without the stomach pains. Two flat tires: once just leaving a rest stop ("That's good luck!" yelled a mate, which reminded me of how people react when a bird craps on you), and the second just a half-mile from the finish... which I gritted my teeth and finished on, because I couldn't bear the idea of stopping *now*. Note to self: new tires, stat. I got sunburned in two areas where the sunscreen missed, just to the left of my watch band and across my right quads, right up to the where the shorts stopped, thus reforming the nice sharp line across the thigh that I had been fading all winter. *sigh* My butt, of course, also felt like I had suddenly grown quills. But! I lived, the scenery was good, and we made it back with time to get BBQ and hit a wine tasting on the way home.

And now, I anxiously await my next veggie box delivery. The last one yielded Potato Leek Soup and an Asparagus Soba Salad.