April 29th, 2008



Mum and I got into an argument. Certainly not like the arguments we used to have when I was, say, 13 years old, but a little weird nonetheless.

Every time I donate blood, they screen for cholesterol, and mine had been hovering in the 190-210 mg/dl range for about a year, which is, admittedly, borderline high. Mum was convinced that I was going to die/need cholesterol reducing drugs/go on superdiet to get it down. She seemed to think that if 200 was bad, then 0 was good, which a few cell biology classes taught me that wasn't true. I said that the overall number didn't matter as much as the ratio between the individual cholesterol numbers, which I didn't have as reference.

To settle this, I went and had my full blood panel done*. And I think I win this round:

Total cholesterol: 190 (good is < 200)
HDL Cholesterol: 72 (good is > 50)
Ratio of 2.6:1 (good is below 5:1)
Triglycerides: 91 (good is < 150)

Wow! Keep eating your fruits and veggies, kids!

* Note to self: do not have blood samples taken two days after giving blood. I now look like a junkie, and was noted as being "mildly anemic" on my report card.