March 24th, 2008

Urban Golf

Weekends rule.

Bride & Zombie
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Twirled and sang in a formal gown for Brides of March. Ate cupcakes at Flickr's 4th birthday party. Brought My Own Big Wheel, ground down the heels of my boots, and survived with a scraped knee. Made the heart flutter with long bike rides over lush green hills. There was sushi and udon soup. Homemade crepes. Port as old as me.

I don't buy this "suffering through the work-week" necessity in order to appreciate the weekends and good times better. Instead, it makes me resent the stress-ball of recent work days, because I think I appreciate my free-time just fine, thank you.

In other news, work has been a huge stress-ball. Oh, and I signed up for one of those organic veggie/fruit box deliveries. And I've put about 700 miles on my bike already this year. I have to give a speech to my chemistry class, and I'm not sure whether my topic should be about MILK or CHROMATOGRAPHY. Hrm.