March 20th, 2008

Queen Bike

Please welcome the most recent addition to the Haus of Cheese

Gouda (my new bicycle)
Originally uploaded by gnat23
First there was Cheddar, my 15+ year old Trek 1100 from Wisconsin.

Then came Brie, my smooth (but rich!) Specialized Ruby Pro.

Now I have the world's most awesome cruiser, henceforth known as Gouda, inspired by the Dutch-style comfort-city-bike. She's an Electra Betty 3-speed with a basket, a bell, fenders, streamers, dice valve stem caps, flames on everything, and even flames on the tire tread, so maybe she's "Smoked Gouda." And a kickstand; how long has it been since I've had a kickstand??

I can simply no longer drive to the grocery store when I own something this full of awesome. Not unless I need 80 pounds of canned goods or something.