March 11th, 2008

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Something old, something new

Something old, something new
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I had my wedding ring, which even sitting in my jewelry box was causing me some trouble. I couldn't wear it, of course, and I didn't have the heart to sell it. So I finally had a burst of inspiration, and trusted jeweler mommagoth solved the problem by morphing my ring into a beautiful solitaire diamond necklace. It's crazy, but its transformation also did something to me: when I wear it, I remember the good times instead of the bad.

What was weird was that it arrived the same week as what would have been our fourth wedding anniversary. And the same week as the summary dissolution paper appearing in my mailbox.

And to top it off, Saturday is the Brides of March for which I have a brand new $29 gown.

The universe is not without a sense of humor.