March 3rd, 2008

me with cats

It's HEY DAVE and moi!

It's HEY DAVE and moi!
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Saturday, I got to show off my city to manufracture! The best part was that even tho we hadn't seen each other in 10+ years, thanks to staying in touch via the livejournal, I daresay that it felt like we hit it off as if no time had passed at all. Well, okay, filling in some details about jobs and relationships and drama and stories from over the years, but yah, awesome times to be had. So, Dave, if you feel like popping back (or escaping WI winters permanently) I thought of 209387501 more things to show you.

I should also warn everyone: the dmf box set will be full of awesome. I can't wait now, it will be like a full-on Retro 90s night!

Nice 40mi ride on a stupidly sunny and beautiful Sunday around Tiburon loop. We unfortunately seemed to be on the same general route as the AIDS Lifecycle and Team in Training and Cinderella training rides, so there were scattered gruppetos of cyclists, fast and slow, nice bikes and clunkers, everyone confused as to which group was theirs and when to turn off... The headwinds at the start were pretty rough, so I practiced sticking to the wheel of the woman ahead of me and drafting as much as possible. The only bummer: I was concentrating so hard on matching her pacing that I missed a lot of good scenery. But, I had consistently good energy, no bonking, and felt like I could have done more, which is perfect!

Crazy week en progress. GO!