February 18th, 2008

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HOLY CRAP I'm in the team car!!

HOLY CRAP I'm in the team car!!
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Sunday, I brought a small group of dedicated cyclists from work to Palo Alto for the race. It was about 30 miles, we had a late start, one mechanical (mine), and one bonk (not mine). But it was sunny and it warmed up and I was feeling good and wasn't too worried about missing the very start of the time trials.

But when I arrived at the Italian restaurant where Ace was stationed with friends, he grabbed my bike from me and told me to quickly change. Then he told me to follow, and we crossed orange barriers in the lull between racers. Confused, I reminded him that I had just pedaled for two hours and I was now walking away from the place with the sexy plate of prosciutto calling my name. It would be worth it, he said.

And so, still sweaty and a little dizzy, I was introduced into the Quickstep team car. "We'll see you back at the restaurant," Ace grinned.

Following Kevin Seeldraeyers...

Wait. What?

And so it was that I got to see the ass of #25, Kevin Seeldraeyers, through the entire 4-ish minutes, sitting next to a pair of wheels and a mechanic. Ho. Ly. Snot. The sorts of things going through my head during that time could fill some sort of dictionary of Unbelievable Expletives and Superlatives. We came in 117th. My head was still spinning.

I drank beer and took pictures the rest of the day, but of course, my high point was hit. I joked with Ace (somewhere inbetween slobbering him with gratitude and prosciutto) that it isn't often that you can take a girl who biked to a bike race and make her squeal with a car ride.

EeeeEeeeeEeee! I'm still high from this, I think!