January 28th, 2008

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I haz ocean. Is for you. Is gift.

I haz ocean. Is for you. Is gift.
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Holy snot holy snot holy snot ...!

Okay, first I need to say that I'm getting cabin fever SO BAD because of this non-stop storm nonsense. I seriously want to go outside and play in some sunshine, but hearing the wind whistle and the rain spatter my windows is making me jittery and frustrated.

So I was glad to have the excuse of Ace's birthday in order to hop into the car for some serious field trip action through the Santa Cruz mountains. I gave him a photo scavenger hunt to work on, and before each of our several stops, he got a box with a few gifts and a note with hints on where we were headed. I'm rather quite proud of how the whole thing worked out, and *fwew* he seemed to genuinely enjoy the entire weekend!
  • Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. (and an attempt to get to Maverick's beach, but didn't know exactly where it was)
  • Pestering birds and buying beans at Phipps Country Store
  • Wine tasting at Bonny Doon and a quick detour to a secret beach area
  • Late lunch!
  • Nearly getting into fisticuffs with the proprieter of the Bigfoot Museum about the meaning of the scientific method
  • A soak in a hot tub at Well Within
  • Dinner and birthday spankings courtesy of Ciao Bella restaurant
  • A night spent at the haunted Brookdale Lodge
  • ...Followed by a champagne brunch in the dining room with the river running through the middle, and a bunch of wine tasting on the way home

Speaking of which, I have finally fallen in love with a winery enough to join their wine club. Nom nom nom.

More fun approaches these next few weeks! I can't wait, and now all that needs to happen is for the $%!@ing weather to clear up!