January 24th, 2008


Fun with body science

I had an fun science experiment last week in which for my lunch ride, I was wearing:
- Garmin (bike GPS) heart rate monitor strap
- Polar heart rate monitor strap
- Sports bra
- Spandex bib-shorts
...and then a long sleeve jersey over top of all that. With so much stretched around my torso, I simultaneously felt unable to breathe and yet naked for being unable to feel the cloth of the jersey. Strange.

The two HRMs don't speak each other's language, necessitating that I kept both around for different applications. However, I was noticing that biking with the Garmin was producing horrifically inflated calorie counts than what the Polar gave me on other activities. I've trusted the Polar's numbers for many many years, so this was the independent verification: a familiar ride while strapped into both at the same time to see the numbers for real.

Well, I'll be dammed if the numbers didn't line up perfectly. The BPMs were always within 0.5% agreement, and each calculated my calories burned to 1% difference.

- I really am burning over 500 calories on my "quick little" lunch ride.
- When I'm commuting both ways to work, I really do burn over 1200 calories a day. That's more than some women on diets eat in an entire day.
- During my century ride, I honestly worked off the equivalent of 1.4 Awesome Blossoms WITH SAUCE.

...No wonder I'm ready to tear the kitchen apart at 7pm. I gotta get better about the size and timing of my meals.

Bonus Steve Maxwell Quotes:
- "Lemme know when you're done with that kettlebell; I could use a new keychain."
- "Think of all the money I'm saving you on plastic surgery."
- "If you do not have the upper body strength, that is, if you are one of our newer females *or* you are a total pussy, you may perform this next exercise on your knees."
- "Those mats aren't for your feet, they're to protect that nice wood floor. Don't be the tard that drops the kettlebell."