January 16th, 2008

me with cats

Go Daddy-O!

My father retired from work only a few weeks ago. Today, he embarked on his trip that he's been planning and anticipating for months: He is spending four weeks at an immersion Spanish school and living with a family in Guatemala. He is then taking an additional three weeks to hike up and around the mountains.

He's made only a few reservations for places to stay after the class, and he made a conscious decision to try and keep one of his two guide books in plastic wrap, stating a need for "flexibility, spontaneity, and adventure."

He called me just before he left, and we talked about biking, skiing, rock climbing (he learned to climb lead from Errol Morris at Devil's Lake), and just the need to explore and play and try new things.

Dad has been a huge influence on me, even in my adult years, and I'm proud to say that the ability to soak up experiences and love of life skills that he taught me when I was a kid have stuck pretty well. I'm really proud of him for doing something this daring and dramatic, and I wish that he has the time of his life. I hope to live vicariously through his stories these next few weeks, and I wish him all the best. You can read too, if you'd like: whammer

Good luck, Dad, and come back safe and enlightened!