January 2nd, 2008

me with cats

Yappy Who Near!

+ Getting out for huge New Year's celebration (that big "Sea of Dreams" thingy) and getting my kiss a full seven minutes before midnight.

- Not feeling like I fit in there. I'm always a little weirded out when surrounded by Burners, as I feel like it's a social thing I'll never have true empathy or acceptance within. (Bonus minus: Expensive drinks! Yow!)

+ Taking the train, so we could both drink.

- Some drunk caveman on the train randomly started punching my handbag and, because it was in the way, my hand. wtf?

+ Seeing sparklydevil in all her gorilla-smooching glory.

- Poor timing meant not getting to see her actually perform.

+ Bike ride on New Year's Day!

- Bigger hills and colder afternoons than I could handle yet. Sheesh, did I get *soft* over the holidays!