Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

2014 in review

- Toured IDEO’s workshops
- Attended a SF Bulls Hockey game
- Went for a joy ride in a glider
- Attended a TEDx
- Gave a talk to artists about Dug
- Saw Leon Panetta
- Drank a bunch of Pliny the Younger
- Accidentally deadlifted 225lb
- Rode some bikes
- Brewed some beer
- Scored the World’s Best Bed
- Found out my right tibia is almost 3mm longer than the left
- Got into a pirate ship battle
- Rode motorbikes (barely)
- Hung out with C-ko
- Sipped a whole lot of whiskey
- Slept in a human nest
- Went to Colorado, saw dinosaur tracks, toured Coors
- Got my sleeve tattoo
- Crashed two charity galas in a gold sequin dress
- Played Metallica pinball with Barenaked Ladies
- Watched the cat have a seizure
- Trained the FDA
- Watched some World Cup
- Lost the hearing in my left ear
- Fell in love with a pinball table I couldn’t have
- Switched to all-grain brewing
- Tried aerial silks
- Drank our way through San Diego
- Climbed Half Dome in a Strawberry Shortcake dress
- Played on a slack line and ate cheesecurds in Wisconsin
- Conquered Chicago tourism
- Turned 38 at Cougar Night
- Build a deck for the new hot tub
- Got my first Agent Provacateur outfit
- Got to see Randall Munroe talk about lassoing a NASA robot
- Cataloged yeast and bacteria at beer school
- Tried fighting with German longsword
- Got two cats a home who had been bugging me at work
- Discovered Evernote
- Visited the NASA centrifuge where my mom was tested
- Tried getting acupuncture (meh.)
- Dressed Dug up like a dragon
- Found real kringle in California
- Enjoyed KURIOS by Cirque du Soleil from the second row
- Got to see John Oliver and John Cleese live
- Hosted my mom and step-father over Thanksgiving
- Sold a bunch of Dug T-shirts
- Saw Stevie Wonder live (omg!)
- Got a unicycle for Christmas
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