Gnat! (gnat23) wrote,

This is probably not news to those of you on Atkins/Paleo/whatever...

I watched Fat Head. I suffered through the first half, annoyed by the protagonist ripping on Morgan Spurlock. So what if Supersize Me wasn't the best-laid arguments, it was informational and entertaining and inspired a bunch of people to take a sabbatical from fast food for a spell.

The next night, bored, I finished Fat Head. I wasn't as amazed by the results of his low-carb "just-pull-the-bun-off double bacon cheeseburger" diet (hi, glycogen and water loss) as I was by the claims he was making about Ancel Keys. Namely, that the guy who came up with the "fat and cholesterol is bad" thing that we all take as truth actually pulled the info from extremely poor statistics and cherry-picked data. Reading and following up on the science, it's really starting to sink for me in that natural dietary fat, even saturated, and cholesterol are not and never have been bad for us in any way.

As a result and in a fit of self-experimentation, I've been eating more eggs, bacon, butter, nuts, oil, red meat. I eat full-fat cottage cheese (the horror!). I eat tuna packed in olive oil (when I can find it). I no longer pull the skin off chicken. And you know what? It's flipping awesome. Mood is improving, stuff tastes better, I'm no longer hitting the vending machine in the afternoons, and I'm simply NOT hungry after 5pm. Me! Not hungry! What the...!

I feel like I've been duped all these years. The French Paradox is no paradox, they've actually had it right the whole time. Instead we got Snackwells? Whole grain Cocoa Krispies? Nonfat cheese? That's definitely not living, and years of cutting down on fat feel like they've backfired on me with sugar binges and guilt and dry chicken breasts for *years*. Probably only excessive exercise has kept my weight in check this whole time.

Whatever. Bring me more steak, extra-marbled and maybe with some blue-cheese melted on top, because now I don't feel guilty and because it's delicious and I feel effin' GREAT.
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